One night in Kharazan!


We went to the Opera and caught a showing of Wikket, it killed, we killed killing was done! After a wonderful show we paid Maiden a visit she always lights up a room! Moghara said he wanted to visit his old friend Moroes so we had a wonderful dinner his him. Arrakis wanted to Midnight so we dropped in on Attumen, he simply refused to let Arrakis take Midnight home. The Curator was simply shocked to see us, he appears to have gone slightly insane since our last visit. We dropped in on Medivh he tried to show us some new spells but being a warrior it just froze my brain. on our way to see what Viz’aduum was up to we had to squish a little mana devourer. We spent the remainder of the night chatting away with Viz’aduum. Sadly he got annoyed with us and we had to call it a night before coming to a satisfactory conclusion with him.

But it was alot of fun, and hopefully now that at least one group has gotten pretty far in Kara we can share this knowledge and take back good ol Kharazan!